This post is about Inspiration…and when you get it.

We all get inspiration from time to time, possibly every day.  When we receive this influx of information, we know right then we should do something with it…You should do something with it.

What does this mean?  It means, when you're given inspiration, it's time to act!  Make that phone call, write that note, create headway in a specific way…you know the next step to take and you must take it!

About two weeks ago, I got inspiration to write a blog and even knew the specific topic to write about.  However, I did not take action to write that blog.  A week later, on a group business call, the moderator of the call spoke specifically on the idea I was given a week prior.  Interesting!...

I once heard…a good idea is not just given to only one's given to multiple people.  Sadly, it's usually only one person that may actually take action on it.

What should you take action on?
What inspiration do you have that you’re sleeping on?

I can help with that.

Pura Vida,

The Mental Locksmith

P.S. Literally, during the writing of this blog, I was invited to be in Las Vegas three days from right now, to assist at a Mastermind.  What do you think my answer was?



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