What's Your Story?


 What's Your Story?

Be mindful of the story that you tell yourself…and others.

The story that we tell ourselves and others… IS the story that we grow into.

When our subconscious mind accepts our thoughts, it’s main goal is to do everything it can to make those thoughts true.

I have realized this several times over the last few days.

For example, I was thinking about building my client list and getting the word out about my business.

That’s when I started to think about what could go wrong, how long it would take, how much work I would have to do and began to feel bad.

Now, if I start to believe these things CAN happen, my subconscious mind starts to work on looking for reasons that support those thoughts and searches for actions to take to make those thoughts true.

Our subconscious mind does not make judgments on what we think. 

The job of the subconscious mind is simply to amply or magnify what we think.

Earl Nightingale, in “The Strangest Secret”, likened our mind to a very fertile Garden.  This fertile ground will produce an abundant bounty of whatever you plant.

Be it a roses or deadly nightshade.  Your mind only produces what you plant.

This is when I had stop and change my thinking.

I reminded myself that my subconscious mind wants to please me and will work on making anything I believe (what I can see, hear, and feel in my mind) to become true, become my reality.

I then rephrased my thoughts and began to tell myself a different story, like… ”Clients come because of the work I put into letting them know I exist…I am always bettering myself, my value and my skill…I am moving toward worthwhile goal.”

I begin telling a new story.  I give my subconscious mind different, positive, toward motivated information to dwell on.

So be mindful of the story that you are telling yourself.  And…the story that you decide to repeat to others.

You are in control.  Exercise that control.

The Mental Locksmith

It is, after all, your life!

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Negative Emotions:
Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt.

Unresolved Memories:  Memories that come up periodically that still have a “sting” to remind us “it’s time to deal with them.”


Individually, these two can be an opportunity to deal with…And, usually they come bundled in a nice package for us to experience them together.

The unresolved memory is asking for resolution, asking for attention, so you can learn what you need to learn from the experience, along with letting go of the negative emotion that’s packed in and around the memory.


Now, those pesky negative emotions CAN be dealt with as a group.  A way for you to do “spring cleaning” in your mind and work through the negative emotions.  Let go of all 5 negative emotions surrounding a specific problem.  It’s time!

I can help with that.

“Let it go”,

The Mental Locksmith

P.S. “Emancipate yourselves from Mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”  ~Marcus Garvey by way of Bob Marley


This post is about Inspiration…and when you get it.

We all get inspiration from time to time, possibly every day.  When we receive this influx of information, we know right then we should do something with it…You should do something with it.

What does this mean?  It means, when you're given inspiration, it's time to act!  Make that phone call, write that note, create headway in a specific way…you know the next step to take and you must take it!

About two weeks ago, I got inspiration to write a blog and even knew the specific topic to write about.  However, I did not take action to write that blog.  A week later, on a group business call, the moderator of the call spoke specifically on the idea I was given a week prior.  Interesting!...

I once heard…a good idea is not just given to only one person...it's given to multiple people.  Sadly, it's usually only one person that may actually take action on it.

What should you take action on?
What inspiration do you have that you’re sleeping on?

I can help with that.

Pura Vida,

The Mental Locksmith

P.S. Literally, during the writing of this blog, I was invited to be in Las Vegas three days from right now, to assist at a Mastermind.  What do you think my answer was?

90 Working Days Til Cayman!

It’s true!  Starting today May 4, 2017, I have 90 working days until I am off to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.  This trip has been on the schedule since last August and now it is becoming a reality.

So why am I going?  It’s rather simple…for the past year and a half, I have been involved with a Mastermind group.  A Mastermind is a group of like-minded people who get together and help each other grow in personal and business endeavors, think, "Think and Grow Rich". 

The Mastermind I am a part of meets 4 times each year and one of those times is a “destination” Mastermind.  Last year, we went to Puerto Vallarta!

In preparation for this trip there are a few specific things I will be doing:

  1. Review my initial goal and making sure it is still looks like, feels like, and sound like what I want.
  2. Create a few new goals that I want to accomplish prior to taking off.
  3. Insert the new goals into my mental timeline to ensure my unconscious mind has clear direction of what I want.

I am tremendously excited for the next 90 days and look forward to feeling the sand between my toes on the beach in Grand Cayman, seeing the crystal clear water and hearing the crash of the waves as they welcome me to their home.

What goals have you set?  What gets you excited to accomplishment?  How will you be spending your next 90 days?

Drop me a line below, I would love to hear what you’re up to…


The Mental Locksmith


The Power of Now!


Do It Now!

I once heard a story of a wealthy man who would repeat the words, "Do It Now!" to himself each morning as he prepared and traveled to work.

He believed by repeating these words to himself, inside his own head, he was reprogramming his thinking so that he would take immediate action on any task that came up.

This was very successful for him, got him to take action and was his daily exercise.

I have tried this and I have some degree of success with it, and I also found 2 other ways of getting stuff done.

5 Minutes or Less

When you have a task to do and you are deciding whether to do it now or later, simply ask yourself, "Can this task be done in less than 5 Minutes?"

If the answer is "Yes", then just stop what you are doing and handle it.

This has been a powerful tool for me, I have found that some small tasks can generally take less than 2 minutes, instead of build a list of small tasks to do together, I will stop, do the task, and get that off the plate.

Set A Time Limit

The second thing to do is set a time limit.  This works wonders.  If I have a sizeable task to complete, I will give it a time limit.

Whether it be 30 minutes, an hour, or only 5 minutes.  I have found that a 20 minute time limit works for me for particular projects.

As there are several repetitive tasks that I must do each day, I set a timer for 20 minutes and devote all of my attention to the task at hand.

I make large strides in each 20 minute segment each day and by the end of the week I see marked progress.

So when you have something to complete, check if it can be done in under 5 minutes or set a respectable time limit on it and get it done!

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